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Give Back by Volunteering at Avow in Southwest Florida

Avow Volunteers provide compassionate support by serving patients and caregivers, supporting with administrative tasks, helping with Avow Kids programs and volunteering at the Treasures Resale Shop. Volunteers strengthen our impact in the community by sharing kindness and unique abilities to both clinical and non-clinical Avow programs and services.

In 2022, Avow Volunteers contributed 8,875 hours of service to our mission. Avow Volunteers inspire and encourage us to take action in making our community a better place.

As Avow celebrates its 40th Anniversary, we remember that Avow was established by volunteers, and service remains an essential part of carrying out our mission. Join our team!

How to Become a Volunteer

As a healthcare organization, we offer a comprehensive onboarding and training program for Avow Volunteers. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please complete the Volunteer Application, and a member of our team will call to set up an in-person interview.

Volunteer Onboarding Requirements:

  • Minimum age to volunteer is 16; students must make a six-month commitment to volunteering, serving one four-hour shift each week.
  • Receive a 2-Step TB Test
  • Submit Proof of Annual Flu Shot
  • Cleared Background Screening
  • Participate in Online Training Courses
  • Attend an In-Person Orientation