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Grief at the Holidays – Tips for Coping

01 November 2016 | webmaster

candles-webGrieving the loss of someone is always challenging, but it can be increasingly so during holiday time. If you are dealing with loss or know someone who is, the following tips may be helpful…

Tips for those dealing with grief:

  • Don’t be afraid to change traditions. Old ones won’t be the same – so new ones may help. Keep the ones that are comforting.
  • Show your emotions – expression is healthy and positive.
  • Rely on others.
  • Remember children and encourage expression of their emotions.
  • Don’t block memories – verbalize them.
  • Trust your feelings. Don’t say “should” to yourself.
  • Seek out support from any belief systems you may have.
  • Be patient with yourself.
  • Shop early and avoid the added stress of holiday crowds.
  • Seek out private time and options for fun.
  • Help others.

Tips for supporting someone who is grieving:

  • Don’t pretend that nothing has changed. Experiment with new traditions and acknowledge the difference from old ones.
  • Encourage expressions of emotion and show your acceptance.
  • Take initiative and don’t wait for the bereaved to ask.
  • Remember children and encourage expression of their emotions.
  • Reminisce with the bereaved. Use the loved one’s name, make a toast, acknowledge.
  • Don’t use “should” to the bereaved. Let them do their holidays their way.
  • Accept decisions made by the bereaved. You don’t have to approve.
  • Encourage or offer to take them shopping early for presents.
  • Provide time alone and fun time.
  • Let the bereaved help you.
  • Be patient.

Avow bereavement professionals are available to take your calls at 239-261-4404 or join us at one of our open grief support group sessions.