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Care for You, Care for Us

05 August 2015 | webmaster

GatesSometimes we at Avow must take care of our own. The following note was shared with Avow by the Director of our Inpatient Facility (The Frances Georgeson Hospice House)…

“Avow cared for me and my family in so many ways. The care that my Dad received was world class as I expected. However, the care and support given to me and my family was humbling. From the food to the flowers to the hugs, we felt cared for.

My favorite memory of Dad’s time with Avow was when he asked me if everyone was being so nice to him because he was my Dad. It was my honor to tell him we treat everyone that way.

I truly believe that it was because of Avow’s support that my Dad was able to let go. He felt safe and he was assured that his family would be cared for.

To all of Avow, I am so grateful for the support and care given to me and my family.”

Avow extends a sincere thank you to Maggie Gates and family for giving us the privilege of caring for her father.