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Explore opportunities to learn, heal and grow with Avow. Here, you’ll find everything you need from support
groups to informative seminars by our experts in hospice, palliative care and grief support.


Working Through Grief and Loss (in person)

Avow 1095 Whippoorwill Lane, Naples

Participants in this group will work through grief by learning coping strategies and identifying and creating their support system. They will also understand the importance of self-care. If you have […]


Rediscovering Life After Grief (in person)

Avow 1095 Whippoorwill Lane, Naples

Participants will be encouraged to work on their grief/action plan to achieve the goals they have set for themselves regarding their life or a new normal. They will have the […]


Avow Kids Teen Time Support

Aunt Janet's House 1301 Whippoorwill Ln, Naples

The purpose of this group is to offer teens a safe and supportive environment to talk about their feelings. With the help of various therapeutic modalities, this group will provide […]

Avow is in full recovery while staff attempts to locate patients, employees and volunteers.  Please reach out to us with any needs for your loved one at (239) 261-4404.  Based on roads and ability to see patients, we are working our hardest to reach everyone and ensure safety, care, comfort and support.