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Explore opportunities to learn, heal and grow with Avow. Here, you’ll find everything you need from support
groups to informative seminars by our experts in hospice, palliative care and grief support.


Understanding Grief and Loss (in person)

Avow 1095 Whippoorwill Lane, Naples

In this group, participants will be ready to openly accept their loss and start the process of letting go and recognizing the myths and truths of grieving. Participants will also […]


Live Virtual Remembering Memorial Service

ONLINE ONLY Online Meeting

Avow invites the bereaved to join our supportive care team in a monthly virtual Remembering memorial service. We can share a safe virtual space to pause, reflect, and celebrate the […]


Avow Kids Creative Expression (in person)

Aunt Janet's House 1301 Whippoorwill Ln, Naples

Join Avow Kids and our Board Certified music therapist while engaging in music activities involving singing, playing, discussing, and collaborating to create your songs. This creative process is an excellent […]

Avow Veterans Week 2022: Startender Event

Bone Hook Brewing Company 1514 Immokalee Road #106, Naples

Let your local “stars” shine as they host and become your bartenders for this happy hour event, celebrating Veterans Week 2022. Featuring leaders in the community as your celebrity bartenders! […]