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Emotional Healing Through Journaling (online only)

ONLINE ONLY Online Meeting

This group is designed to support emotional healing from grief by providing members with a creative space to process their feelings through journaling. The goal is to use journal writing […]

Grief in the LGBTQ Community

ONLINE ONLY Online Meeting

This is an open platform for the LGBTQ community to find support and coping skills to handle their unique grief and loss journeys. Attendees’ losses do not have to be […]

Self-Care Strategies

ONLINE ONLY Online Meeting

This is an educational and reflective group that each will focus on a new example of self-care each week and how to apply it to your daily life. Mondays 2:00 […]

Regain Your Independence – You Got This!

Life after losing a spouse or partner can be scary; now you have to figure out “life” on your own.  This educational support group is chock-full of ideas on how to […]

Parkinson’s Partner Journey

This group, along with "Parkinson's Partner Loss," is led by an Avow counselor on behalf of the Parkinson's Association of Southwest Florida. The Journey group is for someone currently caring […]

Avow Kids Mondays Fun Days Group (online only)

ONLINE ONLY Online Meeting

This Avow Kids group will be an activities based group doing different activities which can be anything from stretching to arts and crafts with household items (age group 6 to […]