Avow Caregiver Videos

Dealing with Anxiety, Restlessness, Tiredness, Fatigue for You and Your Loved One in Hospice Care

How to deal with sadness, depression, and burnout for you and your loved one on hospice care

What to do when your loved one on hospice care is experiencing shortness of breath or dyspnea

How do I treat my loved one’s pain and find more information/training on pain for hospice patients

How do I know my loved one’s in pain and how will the hospice team treat it

What are the side effects of pain medication, how can I manage them for my loved one on hospice care

Safe Place Imagery and Music Relaxation by Avow Board-Certified Music Therapists.

Irish Iso-Rhythm Music for Relaxation by Avow Board-Certified Music Therapists.

Enjoy this musical comfort to shake off some of the anxiety COVID-19 may be creating for you and illuminate what we can be grateful for in these difficult times.

Create peace and calmness with this guided imagery video.

Please enjoy Avow Licensed Massage and Reiki Therapist Cathy Coppoletta-Eckel’s Jin Shin Jyustu therapy for stress and anxiety.

Enjoy Avow’s board-certified music therapist Laura Seipert’s guided meditation to help you slow down and level out your emotions during tough times.

Please enjoy Avow’s board certified music therapist Natalie Gonzalez’s musical comfort as we move into April and continue the COVID-19 quarantine. We can get through this together.

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Videos de Capacitación Para Cuidadores en Español

Tratando con la ansiedad inquietud cansancio y fatiga para usted y su ser querido

Tratar con tristeza, depresión y agotamiento para usted y su ser querido en el cuidado de hospicio

Qué hacer cuando su ser querido en cuidados paliativos tiene dificultad para respirar o dyspnea

Dolor vídeo 1: ¿Cómo trato el dolor de mi ser querido y encuentro más información/capacitación sobre el dolor para pacientes de hospicio?

Dolor vídeo 2: ¿Cómo sé si mi ser querido tiene dolor y cómo lo tratará el equipo de hospicio?

Dolor vídeo 3: ¿Cuáles son los efectos secundarios de los medicamentos para el dolor, cómo puedo manejarlos para mi ser querido en el cuidado de hospicio?