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Services Designed for Children

The Avow Kids® program, designed for children ages 5-17, provides support and companionship to children who are grieving.

The reason might be the loss of a parent, sibling, friend, or relative through illness, accident, deportation, suicide, or homicide.

Additionally, Avow helps children process and heal from other types of loss, including divorce, the loss of a friend, instability in the foster care system, and deployed parents and family members.

Avow Kids groups and activities are open to all children in the community. We hold in-person sessions, workshops and camps in Southwest Florida. We have supported children through loss since our founding in 1983, delivering care with a team of professionals experienced children’s loss. There is never a cost for care.

The Avow Kids program is made possible in part by a grant from:

Suncoast Credit Union

Designed to be a kid-friendly, comfortable meeting space for children, Aunt Janet’s House® on the Avow campus is the home of our Avow Kids program. The residence includes group meeting spaces, a GLOW (Grief and Loss on the Wall) room, places for activities and quiet time, and offices for our children’s bereavement team. Call us to arrange a visit! (239) 261-4404

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Camp MendingHeart® Day and Overnight Camps

Kids can immerse themselves in healing group activities through sessions of Camp MendingHeart®, our program of daylong, online and overnight events that can incorporate art, music, and movement with individual and group discussions. All sessions are led by our professional children’s bereavement team and are offered at no cost.