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Avow Honors Five at Annual Awards Reception

11 February 2016 | webmaster

Individuals recognized for heart, philanthropy, hospice spirit and ambassadorship

Avow, hospice, palliative care, philanthropy, award, thelma lyon, jaysen roa, phil cole, naples, FL, collier countyOn February 9, Avow recognized four community volunteers and one employee at its annual awards reception held at the Naples Sailing and Yacht Club. The five local residents were recognized in four awards categories as follows:

  • “The Phil Cole Philanthropy Award” presented to Thelma Lyon, Avow supporter
  • The “Butterfly Award” presented to Judy LeDoux, Avow Women’s Board member
  • The “Heart of Avow” presented to Avow hospice admissions nurse Lorri Jacobs and to Avow volunteer Mary Scott “Scottie” Cimino
  • The “Glenna Spirit of Hospice Award” presented to Lee Pinto, Avow Women’s Board founding chair and Avow Hospice, Inc. Board of Directors member

The Phil Cole Philanthropy Award reflects a lifetime of integrity, excellence and spirit of philanthropy as well as a significant, long-lasting contribution to Avow. The award celebrates an individual who has exhibited extraordinary distinction in lifetime achievement which has benefited the community, state or nation, demonstrated qualities of humanitarianism, public service and unparalleled service to Avow through volunteerism and charitable support.

Avow selected Thelma Lyon for recognition in 2016 due to her dedication to advancing Avow’s palliative care program in the Collier County community. In January, Avow celebrated the groundbreaking of the Lyon Care Center, a vision soon to be a reality in large part because of a significant gift which she made in memory of her husband, Ervin “Bud” F. Lyon, III.

Avow, hospice, awards, butterfly, judy ledoux, jaysen roa, naples FL, collier countyThe Butterfly Award recipient is an educator, an advocate, an inspiration and an ambassador of the healing that hospice care brings to both patients and their families. Honorees demonstrate a steadfast commitment to advancing the mission of Avow through community engagement.  
The 2016 Butterfly Award recipient, Judy LeDoux, is a founding member of the Avow Women’s Board and avid supporter of Avow’s pet programs. As Vice-Chair of the PAWS community advisory committee, Judy helped execute five annual fundraising events to grow awareness and support for the Avow Pets Are Wonderful Souls (PAWS) program. Judy also established the Bernard J. LeDoux Fund at Avow, in honor of her late husband, to underwrite the fees for qualified dogs to become “Canine Good Citizen” certified and to recruit new PAWS volunteers.

Avow, hospice, awards, naples FL, volunteer, Jaysen Roa, collier countyThe Heart of Avow Award
reflects an attitude of heart and mind that sees great works in even the smallest acts of caring for others, especially those who may be vulnerable to loneliness, fear or sorrow at end of life. The Heart of Avow Award honors individuals whose personal and profes­sional conduct exemplifies the compassion of hospice care. The award recipient values and expresses sensitivity to the special needs of those at end of life. He or she encourages and supports those who are facing their own transition or who are supporting another on life’s final journey.Avow, hospice, nurse, award, heart of avow, naples FL, collier county

The 2016 staff award recipient, Lorri Jacobs, has been a hospice nurse at Avow since 2004. Lorri currently works in the admissions department and over the years has cared for patients of all ages from Avow’s oldest geriatric clients to infants. The 2016 volunteer award recipient, Scottie Cimino, joined the Avow volunteer force in 2008.  Scottie makes friendly visits to hospice patients living in local nursing facilities. She also serves as a vigil volunteer, sitting with patients during the dying process.

Avow, hospice, awards, lee pinto, jaysen roa, naples FL, collier county, The Glenna Spirit of Hospice Award reflects a boundless love of life that is the essence of hospice care, as well as a commitment to helping people embrace their native rights to end-of-life care that reflects their spirits and beliefs. The award honors a person who has demonstrated a sustained commitment to helping the community affirm and celebrate the natural cycle of life. Through volunteer time and effort, the award recipient has built significant, long-term relationships between Avow and those individuals or entities dedicated to preserving the availability of exceptional nonprofit hospice care in Collier County.
The 2016 award recipient, Lee Pinto, is a member of the Avow Board of Directors and is the founding chair of Avow’s Women’s Board. Lee served as chair of the 2015 Butterfly Ball. She, along with her fellow Women’s Board members, will present the 2016 Butterfly Ball on February 20. Lee also makes volunteer visits to hospice patients.