KM_C454e-20160323100404Connie Hill was apprehensive to attend her first grief support group, but she’s very thankful she did. Avow’s bereavement counselor instantly put her at ease. Connie describes her experience as “uplifting, positive and healing, and a very productive way to deal with grief.”

After losing the love of her life to cancer, Connie found added benefit in the bond she made with her support group peers.

“Family and friends mean well, but they can’t truly understand what you are going through,” Connie explained during a conversation with Avow. “Many people I met at the support group had faced similar challenges – like watching our loved ones battle illness, living with the challenge of caregiving and suffering heart wrenching loss. At group we listen, acknowledge and learn from each other and benefit from the gentle words of wisdom offered by our group leader.”


Link here to learn about Avow’s grief support groups.