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Wondering if you should call Avow? Consider these 10 signs.

1. You are living with an illness that has overtaken your life and prevents you from enjoying friends, family and favorite activities. 2. You have pain or discomfort that your doctor has tried but can’t seem to control. 3. You have complications in your illness or treatment that send you to the Emergency Room for help. 4. You are hospitalized repeatedly for your illness or a crisis in your care. 5. You have been told that your condition cannot be cured, and that it might be time to stop treatments that are no longer helping and are making you feel miserable. 6. You feel angry, alone or are hurting physically, emotionally or spiritually from suffering that no one seems able to relieve. 7.  You are overwhelmed with the demands of caring for someone who is seriously ill. 8. You can’t seem to find a way back to “normal life” as […]


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